& just like that. ..


The Central Region Addiction Resource Center is officially beginning year 2.

They say time flies when you are having fun, right? The work we do is more than just fun. The work we all do matters. The work we all do changes people’s lives. The work we all do forever shapes the future. 


Wow. What a year it has been with the launching of the CRARC App (available for download on any device), 22 community events, & the launch of our ‘Stomp Out Stigma’ campaign. 

Big things are coming in year two, so buckle up friends. 😉 



Looking back on this year, there are a multitude of things that make us smile.

Wanna know what we love most, though?! 


Watching people come together to support one another, to bring hope to those in need, to save lives. 

Seeing people posting encouraging messages to others struggling, driving down the street & seeing a community member wearing the ‘Stomp Out Stigma’ t-shirt they got, hearing stories of moms, dads, friends, siblings, grandparents, etc. getting connected to the services they needed. Even if they just needed someone to listen. That is what this job is all about. 


We are honored to play a very small role in bringing a little bit of hope to those who need it. To remind them that we are all humans, with different struggles, in need of assistance at some point in our life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Reach out. Find help.