Stomp Out Stigma Day


It is finally September! 

Can you believe it?! It is technically still summer, but fall is quickly creeping up on us. 


Now that Labor Day has passed, that means that The Great New York State Fair is over. 

*insert sad face*


First & foremost, we cannot put into words how grateful we were (& are) for all of the stories that were shared with us at the New York State Fair & throughout the year. No one should feel alone through their journey & it is particularly important to us that no one feels stigmatized.


Now, we just wanted to take a moment to tell you about Stomp Out Stigma Day & all of the fun we had working with The Great New York State Fair. Simply put, it was amazing. 


On Friday, August 31st, 2018, the Central Region Addiction Resource Center embarked on an adventure. We packed up our goodies & headed straight to the fairgrounds in Syracuse! We were ready to connect with our community & share a message of ‘Stomping Out Stigma’ to ensure all people were treated with kindness, dignity, and respect (including those struggling with Substance Use Disorders). 

No matter what someone is walking through, they deserve to be given a chance at success. 

Together, we were able to educate everyone about stigma, how we *all* can reduce stigma, what resources there are for those struggling with a Substance Use Disorder, families with loved ones struggling, support for those living in recovery already, and hope for those that want to get to long-term recovery. 

It really is hard to summarize all that went on last Friday, but what we can say is that we love getting to connect with people where they are at. We love hearing stories of recovery, our heart breaks from stories of loss, we appreciate where people are at on their journey of understanding Substance Use Disorders, & we just ask that no matter what, we advocate for those that need support. 


If you or someone you love is struggling with a Substance Use Disorder, please do not hesitate to reach out for support & to find the help you want. There are people willing to walk through this with you. There are people fighting for you. 


There is hope.