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The mission of the Central Region Addiction Resource Center (CRARC) is to “establish a capacity to coordinate community resources, increase cross-sector collaboration on substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts and aid community members in raising the awareness of current substance abuse issues and locating services within their region.”

            The goal of the CRARC is to not only reduce the stigma around opioid addiction by collaborating regionally but to give people in the Central Region access to the resources available in Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga & Oswego counties  Through working in partnership, we work collaboratively across sectors to provide communities the chance to share resources, address concerns and put in place a more comprehensive plan to address all aspects of addiction to best help the people in need. It is vital that we recognize the importance of working together, discussing needs in each community, and plan how to best help people not just at a local level, but as a region.

This is not an “Us-vs-Them” topic. It is a topic that pertains to everyone single person, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, income, or status. Our mission is to eliminate the idea of “them” and understand that through compassion, understanding, and connection we can make a difference. I feel like sometimes people get intimidated by this massive topic because it’s a topic most often met with anger and misunderstanding. Rightfully so, this is not the easiest to talk about sometimes, but the silver lining is that we are all capable of strengthening our community. Through compassion, connection, and understanding we are building a resilient community and that’s where there is hope.”

-Mica Gonzalez, Coordinator of the Central Region Addiction Resource Center

The Madison County Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, or BRiDGES, was established in Madison County, NY, in 1985 by a group of citizens concerned about the wide-reaching effects of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Since its inception, programming and services have grown exponentially. BRiDGES offers programming such as Advancing Tobacco-Free Communities, prevention education, information and referrals, STOP DWI, Victim Impact Panel, Employee Assistance Program, Madison County Suicide Prevention Coalition, the LGBTQIA Network, and the Central Region Addiction Resource Center.

BRiDGES unwavering support of the Central Region Addiction Resource Center is integral participation in the success of the program.

The Community Leadership Committee for the Central Region Addiction Resource Center comes together quarterly to discuss successes, barriers, community awareness events, and opportunities happening in their county. These members work collaboratively and are identified as strong, dedicated partners that support the work of the Central Region Addiction Resource Center. Additionally, through our funding support opportunities received the Community Leadership Committee examines the request for any additional opportunities for sustainability and partnership across the region.

The Central Region Addiction Resource Center welcomes anyone who would like to support and participate. If interested, please email contactcr.arc@gmail.com to learn more.

Members of the Community Leadership Committee: 

Cayuga County:

*Elizabeth Toomey, Central Region Problem Gambling Resource Center, Team Leader

Cortland County:

Leslie Wilkins, Cortland Prevention Resources, Director

Madison County:

Mo Campanie, BRiDGES/MCCASA Executive Director

Onondaga County:

*Megan Walradth, Central Region Prevention Resource Center, Coordinator

*Tyler Gilyard, Prevention Network, Family Support Navigator

Gail Banach, Upstate New York Poison Center, Director of Public Education and Communications

Oswego County:

Sandra Waldron, Farnham Family Services, Prevention Director

*Indicates partners that provide work regionally.

The Central Region Addiction Resource Center cannot thank the Collaborators below enough for their dedication, selflessness & passion for helping those in need. To collaborate with us, click the title above.

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