COVID-19 & SUD Resources

With all that is currently going on in the world, there have been an abundance of resources being shared on social media and through emails. 

FOR-NY ER Survival Guide

Thank you to Friends of Recovery New York for this ER Survival Guide. What an amazing resource it is for anyone that finds themselves in

Where do I Start?

Often times people looking for addiction services are unsure of where to even begin looking. Let us help you. So, we search the world wide

Stomp Out Stigma @ NYS Fair 2019

More than 21 million Americans have a substance use disorder. Every day, almost 9 New Yorkers die from opioid related deaths. Wherever crowds gather so

What Have We Been Up To?!

What a wild ride this winter & spring have been… & we have loved every minute of it! We have been a little quiet on

Teen Health Week!

It’s Teen Health Week & thanks to our friends at Shatterproof, you can check out this great list of resources for teens! Check out the