What a wild ride this winter & spring have been…

& we have loved every minute of it!

We have been a little quiet on the blog side of things as we have been traveling all over the five counties connecting with providers, community leaders, parents, and people in recovery! It is the best part of this so called ‘work’. But, we figured it was time to fill everyone in on the CRARC & what has been going on!

Here are a few of the things we have been doing:

  1. In the fall we partnered with HEAL Madison County to host live music for families & people in recovery. Saturday Nights Live was a blast!
  2. We have been helping organize Naloxone trainings in Madison County & supporting other trainings in the region.
  3. In the new year, we awarded a mini-grant to Road2RecoveryCNY for their Family Recovery Event. You should definitely check out their event page on Facebook for more details!
  4. The CNY Prevention Consortium, which the CRARC is part of, has been busy planning the upcoming CNY Prevention Conference.
  5. The CRARC funded a mini-grant for the Oswego County Opioid Court program to purchase bus passes for those in need of daily transportation to and from court. We are excited about this partnership!
  6. The CRARC hosted a Sober St. Patrick’s Day party at a local coffee shop! There was live music, treats, and board games available for all.
  7. The Cayuga County Drug Free Communities Coalition hosted a Youth Lock-In event in Auburn & the CRARC was able to provide the funds for the teens to play ‘Glow Golf’. There were hundreds of teens at the event!
  8. The 2nd Annual Central Region Provider Showcase event was held in Cazenovia. This is an event that allows providers to come together, talk about what services they offer, ask questions of each other, and network with people we may not normally see at other meetings. It helps the region become stronger as we continue to build bridges between providers and the community.
  9. The CRARC attended the Health & Wellness event in Central Square. Kudos to the staff at Central Square for an amazing event!
  10. In April, a staff from the CRARC was able to attend a conference on Opioids & Harm Reduction in Albany. The workshops were amazing & we cannot wait to share everything we learned with community leaders in the five counties!
  11. The CRARC was represented on a panel in Cortland County after showing the amazing film, ‘SMACKED!’, that talks about addiction in rural communities.
  12. The CRARC partnered with a local business, 8 Fresh, in Hamilton to host a Karaoke Night for teens, families, and people in recovery. We love when we get to collaborate with local places that see the value in supporting our community and providing a fun, safe, family friendly, and alcohol/drug free place. Thanks, 8 Fresh.
  13. We tip our hats to the V.O.W. Foundation for an amazing S.A.F.E. Fair in Oswego at the end of April! We were thrilled to be part of the day!

How is that for a list of activities?! These activities have kept us on our toes, but we couldn’t be happier to know that the community is forever working on changing the conversation around Substance Use Disorders!

Keep up the great work, Central Region! It is an honor to partner with each of you!

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